Infinite atelophobia

My name is Signe, a 15 year old girl, and I love drinking tea, reading books, exploring and the smell of flowers and rain.
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  • tyleroakley:

    Hi friends! So… I’m nominated for a Streamy Award for "Entertainer of the Year" - how crazy is that?! This is a huge deal in the Internet world. Between having a meeting with the president, the Teen Choice Awards, hosting red carpets and award shows, Auguest, and raising half a million dollars for charity with ALL OF YOU - this year has been the busiest and most productive year of my life - and I feel so honored that you’ve been such an important part of it. Plus, I have so much coming that I’m announcing next week, get ready - my two biggest projects I’ve ever worked on.

    So, if you’re still reading… if you were there for any of the ride that has been my last year of my life & want to vote for me, click here. You can vote once a day.

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